WHEELS was directed and produced by Donavon Warren and Timothy Gagliardo. The team came together with the belief that they could shoot a high quality film with no budget. The project took 62 days to shoot and was in production for over 6 months. It cost less than a luxury car.

The universe provided. This film was meant to be made.

We had an amazing crew that volunteered their time, and sponsors from all around town. Everyone was incredible.

Tim lost his apartment, sold his possessions and lived in a friend’s office until one morning his friend found him sleeping on the couch.

Donavon sold his car during production and became a medical test subject (while only eating an apple and can of tuna a day to play a drug-addicted MICKEY). Despite the hardships, they pulled through.

Without any money, we wanted to make a film that looked like we spent millions. So we spent the only asset we had. Time. We [Donavon and Tim] even landscaped the front of a production studio in exchange for shoot hours.

Original Storyboard

Final Frame

We really didn’t have any money and wanted to shoot this epic low budget film. We had 83 sets and 57 locations…

Patrick Hume even broke his finger nails with pliers to play DRAKE, who is a larger-than-life homeless paraplegic heroin addict. To give the audience a genuine experience, both Donavon and Patrick spent time living on skid row in Downtown LA as well.

Donavon Warren dropped 53 pounds for MICKEY’s drug-induced transformation. He was 196 lbs for the first half of the film and a wilting 143 lbs during the second half.

After the release

Storytime with Drake

The official cartoon web series inspired by Drake.


“Fan made” street art

Drake has inspired Wheels supporters to paint the town blue—literally. This piece popped up in Downtown Los Angeles.

Wheels The Movie worked with the United Spinal Association to help create an acceptance campaign for people with spinal injuries.

United Spinal Association, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit membership organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of disabled and paralyzed Americans and their families for over 65 years. Be assured that all donation transaction…

United Spinal Association